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   Elm, Willow, and Randy find themselves in a mysterious world they never knew existed. A place with alien landscape, dangerous creatures, and magic. Time is running out—their food is dwindling. 

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A Murder of Crows

    Hundreds of crows descend on Oak Valley the same day a strange teacher arrives at the middle school. When students start disappearing, Elm Underwood suspects his new teacher is not who she says she is.

    Elm, his sister, Willow, and their best friend, Randy, decide to follow the teacher through the library when she suddenly disappears. Determined to find out where she went, they search for a hidden door.

      What they discover takes them to another world where they must fight to survive.

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Available in October 2022

 A Ghostly Key

  Elm Underwood, his sister Willow, and best friend, Randy, are at it again, but this time they discover that staying home can be just as dangerous as visiting another world.

  Elm is excited, October has finally arrived—that means a haunted house to visit and Randy’s birthday to celebrate, not to mention the scavenger hunt he is planning for his own birthday three days before Halloween in the city’s cemetery.

  When Elm learns ghost are real, and one invades Willow’s body, he must find a way to save her by midnight Halloween, or she might be lost to the afterlife forever. Can Elm, Randy, their new friend Max, and Elm’s dog, Sequoia, help her before it’s too late?         

Forbidden Forest

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